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Private Permit to Carry Classes

follow site I am currently working on finalizing the details on several private corporate permit to carry classes.  I thought it might be a nice time to plant the seed on this if you are a business owner. If you are Second Amendment Friendly, this may be a great way to introduce the fact to your clientele.  For retail businesses it is a great community event that provides in most cases a much needed service.  Other industries that might consider it would be real estate professionals.  Think about how many realtors are out and about on their own with clients.  Property Management firms, ditto story.  One I hadn’t thought of until I was approached was financial planners.  This is a great service to offer especially to their female clientele to empower them.  As I teach more than just Permit to Carry, an intro to gun or basic handgun class may be appropriate.   Other opportunities might be employee based classes done on location at convenient times for staff and work schedules.

Here are some things to consider if you are not sure where you stand as a business owner as reported today by Fox Small Business News:

There are some social issues in our country that are just downright contentious and even after years of public debate, sides seem as polarized as ever. Most don’t impact the small business owner, but gun law is an issue that some owners need to consider.

State and local gun laws are changing rapidly, and in many states it is fairly easy to obtain a concealed carry permit and when this is so, usually businesses have the option to prohibit guns in their establishments. Generally, this requires posting a sign at entrances.

An informal survey conducted by the Wall Street Journal found that while larger chain restaurants tend to prohibit guns, there’s a trend among smaller restaurants to allow guns and even encourage them. You’ll find promotions like “Second Amendment Wednesday” and signs welcoming gun owners at restaurants in states with more liberal concealed carry permit laws. Some restaurants offer discounts to gun toters.

Three points to consider

There are three issues to consider when formulating your own policy. First, make sure you understand state and local laws in your area. Second, you need to consider the attitude of your customers. Third, you should consider the safety of your customers. (Listing this third does not imply it is any less important; however, there are some legal issues that may not be fully settled right now that you need to think about.)
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