Calamity Jane Ladies Night

Come and Connect with other women in honing our skill in pistol shooting. There will be food, fun, education and of course shooting!  The evening begins with appetizers and training supplied by a USCCA trainer.  An hour of shooting will follow with prizes being handed out for Best Shot of the Night!  There will be time afterwards to shop for holsters, shirts, bling and more! This evening is geared towards women familiar with guns. Depending on participation we will be sharing lanes so there will be plenty of time for sharing and learning.  Tickets are available for both gun owners and gun renters as long as you have pistol experience.  A target, ears and eyes will be provided but ammo is additional if you are renting a gun.  If you are a new shooter, please attend one of our Intro to Shooting Classes before joining us on these evenings.

Minnesota Ladies Permit to Carry Class

You’ve seen the rest, now Attend the Best! The class curriculum is taught by USCCA Certified instructor, Gretchen Morris based on the AWESOME book by Michael Martin, Permit to Carry! This will be a fun and interactive class addressing the specific concerns that ladies have with permit to carry. You must Preregister for the event at the link listed! Cost includes all class materials, training, range time and rental gun and ammo

Girls with Guns Gala at Bills Gun Shop

get link 4th ANNUAL GIRLS with GUNS GALA/WOMEN’S EXPO Saturday,January 18th, 2014
follow url In cooperation with K102.FM with AMY JAMES FROM 2PM – 4PM

The Expo portion is FREE to the public!


PPM will be a vendor in the range area on this day and we will have conceal and carry purses, gun mats, Ladies Bling shirts, sweatshirts, guys t shirts and more bling!  Come on down and shoot and shop!

Intro To Guns

This class is designed to familiarize you with guns and gun ownership.  A Certified USCCA instructor will teach the class where we will cover basic gun fundamentals, gun safety and information on Minnesota Permit to Carry Law.  We will safely handle guns and you will gain the skills and confidence to safely operate a handgun.  You are provided with classroom materials, gun, target, eye and ear protection.  Ammo is additional First hour is classroom, Second hour is shooting.  Class size is limited to provide one on one instruction.


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Color Codes of Awareness-Yellow

We have already covered condition white which is totally unaware of your surroundings.  Today let’s talk about yellow.  If you are a gun carrier, yellow is the condition you should always be in when you are in public

This is not an overly active condition, just aware of your situation and being alert.

You should have safe habits when you are in this condition like avoiding arguments and situations that lead to conflict.

You should always be aware of exits and cover in the area you are in and be scanning the room for potential issues.

This is best described as Relaxed Alert.  No specific threat but aware and ready.

Up next, Condition Orange!

Target Sports MN Grand Opening

Come out and support your local range!  They will have a full list of their training and events available for registration.  Of course PPM has mens shirts, womens bling, conceal purses, gun mats and much more!  I will be there taking registrations for my Intro to Gun class on January 14th, my Permit to Carry class on the 26th and our Ladies Night on the 3oth!  Don’t miss out!

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Color Codes of Awareness-White

Originally developed by the US Marines in the Pacific during World War II, these color codes are useful today as modified by Colonel Jeff Cooper.

Today we will talk about the first one:  CONDITION WHITE

In this condition you are unaware of what is going on around you.  Picture those folks or yourself at the mall looking down at your phone:

You don’t think anything bad can happen, it is the condition of most victims of crime.

In this condition you won’t recognize a threat until it is too late.

Modern tech like phones and ipods contribute to your unawareness.

If you are carrying a gun, this condition is unacceptable!

Next post we will be moving on to Condition Yellow.  Meanwhile educate yourself and your family especially kids that you never want to be in condition WHITE!
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Situational Awareness

Picture1As a registered permit holder, I understand clearly that I am held to a higher standard and have a greater responsibility.  Love the quote with Great Power comes Great Responsibility.  Historians will argue on who gets the credit for that but my money is on Jesus..”to whom much has been given, much will be expected”.  Regardless, carrying a gun does come with its own set of rules and some of these translate pretty well to the rest of the population as well.  The one I will talk about today is Situational Awareness.

Situational Awareness is an awareness of our immediate vicinity and of the people and objects within that environment.  I was recently shopping in Ikea.  As I walked around the different areas and levels, I was amazed at the wholehearted lack of attention paid by many people. Whether they were talking on their phone or looking down at it surfing or texting, many people were highly unaware of their situation.  One of my favorite movies is Red.  I think it’s because of Helen Mirren being such a bad mama jama in it but if you watch the character Bruce Willis plays, he is always on the alert.  That is a good lesson for all of us.

Here are some good tips to be 360 degrees aware:

Put the phone away!

Pay attention to your surroundings and the people and objects in them

Pretend that you have a protective bubble around you and keep track of whats going on in the bubble and the vicinity of it, this includes behind you!

Look at people!  I know the old saying “Don’t make eye contact” but experts agree that if you make eye contact the other person know they have been seen and this can be a big difference in a bad situation.

Lastly be prepared for any potential issue.  Trust your instincts and move away from anything that you don’t feel is quite right.

Situational Awareness could just save your life one day!

Maple Grove Holiday Show

Get all of your holiday shopping done in one place!  New Rhinestone shirts, gun cleaning mats, mens shirts, jewelry and conceal purses and holsters will all be available in this fun environment!

Small Business Saturday Expo in Andover

We will have a booth at this small business expo event! New Conceal Purses, gun mats (great gift for yourself or the man in your life!) Men’s T Shirts and Ladies Bling Shirts! Also jewerly, holsters, scarves and more! Come and See us to register for one of our ladies nights, a range class or book your home party today!

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Tips for New Women Shooters

I was asked recently to provide some insight for a blog on female gun owners. As the fastest growing demographic you can bet people are interested in this topic! Here are my Top five items I think are key for a new shooters:

Get Educated:

I highly recommend the book Minnesota Permit to Carry a Firearm.  Michael Martin does a great job with visuals and easy to read information for the new shooter.  He is the chief instructor for USCCA which is where my Instructor Certification is coming from as well.  As a new shooter I was very scared of guns and by learning about them I decreased that fear.  I continually watch videos and talk to others to help me learn more and more.  His book so inspired me that I am taking his Instructor class next month.

Start Small:

Many men will put a larger caliber gun in the hands of a women.  By starting with a small caliber .22 women can learn safely and not be overwhelmed by the “bang” and recoil of a big gun.  Start at the range with a qualified instructor who understands where you are coming from and can safely walk you through shooting for the first time and moving forward.  I specifically teach an Intro to Guns for women to do exactly this.  Taking the fear factor out of it is a must!

So Many Guns, So Little Time

So I have shirts that say this as it is my mantra.  When I started I was scared to death of a little .22 caliber pistol.  Now I love to shoot a full size 1911 .45.  Shoot as many guns with experienced shooters as you can. Many gun ranges offer rentals for way less than it costs to buy them 🙂  Not all calibers shoot the same so don’t be afraid to shoot, shoot and shoot some more.

Listen to Advice and Filter It

Everyone has an opinion. Listen to them all but decide for yourself.  I happen to be a Glock girl but many don’t like glocks.  I always learn something from people that I talk to and oftentimes its great advice!

Get Connected and Be an Advocate

Unfortunately in the world we live in, your gun rights may be taken away unless you help give it a voice.  There are many organizations out there you can be a part of, social media is another great tool to connect with.   I am personally connected with Twin City Gun Owners on Facebook which is a great resource for up to date info on what is going on in the world!  I also organize classes at my local range to help myself and other women connect.

I hope these few quick items help you decide that gun ownership is not scary but rather empowering and that you will reach out today and try it!

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Pistol Packin’ History

Thought I would start out these posts with a quick note about how PPM started.  I am a female business owner in the promotional products and apparel industry.  Late in life (well over 40 anyway) my husband decided to pick up the sport of shooting and shoots long rifle (300-600 yards) on a weekly basis.  From there it was a slippery slope as part of my studio now hosts a gun safe and I have stopped asked how many guns we have.

Around that time I decided I had better get over my fear of guns as they were now in my house.  I did not grow up with hunters and frankly cry when a bird gets hit on the road.  We visited several gun ranges, rented some guns and shot some of what he had already purchased.  I then attended a 2nd Amendment meet up with 20-30 MEN.  While they were welcoming, I  decided there weren’t enough women involved in this sport.

Since then I have been shooting my own gun at the range, a nice little Browning 1911 Compact that has enough kick for me right now and learning all about the intricacies of not only shooting but self defense as well.

It only seemed natural then to partner with my country girlfriend to start a new division of my primary business that will act as a resource and connection for women who shoot!  There just didn’t seem to be a one stop shop for all the things I wanted to get for this sport and finding things that were fun and fashionable in addition to functional was at the top of my list.

I hope you connect with PPM on Facebook and continue to check back on the website as it is just being birthed but will be added to weekly.