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Are you Ready for the Permit to Carry Class?

click here As a responsible and educated firearms trainer I felt I wanted to tackle this topic head on.  The reason why is the number of uneducated people that I find sitting in a Permit to Carry class.  I don’t mean that in a negative way so hear me out.  Most often people are taking someones advice on taking the Permit to Carry Class.  This person may or may not have the right info to make that recommendation, many times they don’t.
A Permit to Carry Class should NOT be taken by new shooters or individuals not familiar and comfortable with a firearm. Think about it. You are asking, in my case, a Certified Instructor to issue a certificate to a person not ready to have one.  Don’t get me wrong, I will deny someone their training certificate if I feel this way but it is such a negative position to be in and does not encourage and empower the person taking the class in the least little bit! In my position, my biggest thrill is to educate someone in the safe and responsible handling of a firearm and watch them blossom and love it as much as I do.  By having someone sign up and take an advanced class, which is what I consider the Permit to Carry to be, when they are not ready for it is a recipe for failure.  Not only do they not feel confident and empowered but this situation takes me away from the class as a whole as I spend more time with this individual.  If only we had spent that time in advance of the class, both parties would have been more successful!

Remember that you can get a Permit to Purchase, that you don’t need a Permit to Carry to buy a firearm.  It’s only required to take the Permit to Carry class if you are considering carrying that firearm with you on a daily basis.  This is a huge decision and one you should weigh very carefully.  If you don’t think you could handle yourself well in a crisis situation or if you couldn’t pull the trigger and take a life, you should think long and hard before you decide to waste your money on a permit to carry class.

If you do decide that you want to enforce your 2A Amendment right then do it in a responsible and prepared way.  Take classes or one on one training with a certified trainer who can help you in all areas of gun ownership.  Get good at shooting and comfortable with your firearm.  Then and only then should you take the permit to carry class.

My last tidbit goes hand in hand with the last comment.  That is, shoot a gun you are comfortable shooting.  I have seen the biggest guy in the world shake and twitch during a qualifying shoot so the last thing you want to do is “borrow” someones gun or shoot a caliber you are not comfortable shooting.  A test is a test and most folks get nervous taking one so rest assured when you are standing in the range, unless you have done your homework, this could be your undoing.

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