Tastylia Purchase 20 MG Pistol Packin’ Mamas was born out of a late in life respect for firearms and the sport of shooting.  As one of the few females at gun shows, shooting ranges and 2nd amendment right meet ups, I decided that educating others and having them join in this sport was a mission I was passionate about.  That combined with very few local resources for gun shooting women inspired the beginnings of Pistol Packin’ Mamas.  As my journey progressed I discovered just how much misinformation is out in the world and am proud to have a team that helps educate both men and women about gun ownership.  Early on I was fortunate to connect with the United States Conceal and Carry Association and received my Firearms Instructor Training from Michael Martin.  Both of our instructors, husband John and Clayton Burkland also received their certification from Michael as well.  We currently teach Intro to Guns, MN Permit to Carry, Home Defense, Street Defense as well as host Special Events that combine the training modalities.  Our vision for PPM is to facilitate connections and outfit men and women in the arena of gun ownership.  We will do this through special events, training, one on one relationships and of course our apparel line vaigeneric.com

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As a life long learner my foray into shooting was one that was inevitable. My husband started to carry and I was fearful of guns.  I started into the sport to conquer my fear.  From there I got hooked by the challenges it presented and the endless directions you can go with this sport.  I enjoy helping others learn to shoot and enjoy shooting as many types of guns as I can.  I am also quite passionate about our 2nd Amendment rights and am committed to ensuring it is not forfeited.







Clayton Burkland

I am very passionate about self defense and protecting those around me.  I became an instructor to try and educate students how to do that for themselves, to be self sufficient in their own safety.  I spend time each day enhancing my skills both in the world of shooting and imaginary crisis management.  I enjoy the tactical aspects of gun ownership and love combining the physical non lethal self defense with lethal.







John Morris

Having grown up as a city kid, I was never around guns or hunting.  Several years ago when legislation was threatened to be passed that limited my 2nd Amendment rights I decided to get involved and obtained my Permit to Carry. Since then I have enjoyed learning the sport and increasing my knowledge of guns.  I have shot long range match and pistol leagues.  I am a Smith and Wesson Armourer and enjoy reloading ammo as well.

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  1. Would like to know more about the training you offer.

    1. Hi Nola,

      We offer a public training about once a month and usually alternate between a Permit to Carry and a Home Defense Class. This March we are not holding a class as we have a Special Class on April 11…see event calender for details. We also offer private training in either the form of one on one for an hourly fee or any of our USCCA certified curriculum with a minimum of six. We can do the class in our studio or at your home and then attend the range of your choosing usually. If you have further questions or would like to pursue that please use the contact us to email me directly! Thank you for the question!

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